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Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world

The ceremony of innocence is drowned

6 March 1981
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Hello, and welcome to lykomancer's fanfic writing and archiving journal.

Primary fandoms, 'ships, and character-focuses:
(More or less in order of primacy and frequency, though I write more than is found on this list.)

Fullmetal Alchemist--
anime canon only

Envy/Edward Elric
Hohenheim Elric-centric gen
Alphonse Elric/Envy
Alphonse Elric/Wrath
Hohenheim Elric/Edward Elric
Greed/Zolf J. Kimbly
Sin-centric miscellanea

Yakushi Kabuto/Uchiha Sasuke
Orochimaru/Uchiha Sasuke
Suigetsu/Uchiha Sasuke
Uchiha-centric miscellanea
Sannin team threesomes and gen
Otogakure- and Hebi-centric miscellanea

(As of this update, I have barely begun to dip into Bleach fanfic, so this listing is a combination of what I have actually written and what I strongly 'ship and so am likely to write in the future.)

Ichimaru Gin/Matsumoto Rangiku
Ichimaru Gin/Kira Izuru
Kira Izuru/Matsumoto Rangiku
Aizen Sousuke/Ichimaru Gin
Ichimaru Gin-centric miscellanea
Kira Izuru-centric miscellanea

Excessive abuse of religious symbolism and metaphor; character introspection, analysis, and speculation; pre-series speculations and theorizing; violence, rape, non-consensual and/or dubious consensual situations, language, dark psychological themes, bondage, bloodplay, sadism and masochism, dominance and submission and abuse of power, and all sorts of other naughtiness not appropriate for minors or the weak of heart and which is probably bad for one's health...

All characters are © their respective creators and owners. I make no profit from these little fandrabblings of mine.